Wouldn't you like to talk about something that interests you for a change? Did anyone else see the latest trending topic on Instagram? Can't believe what you just saw while waiting in line for your morning dose of caffeine? You should call in to the KM-Unity online radio show!

KM-Unity Radio is a show about anything! It was created to provide a forum to share ideas, questions, and opinions.There are many  mediums out there for expression, but sometimes you would like to hear what others think.  In the era of social media where responses are typed, this radio show gives you an opportunity to detach from avatars and engage with others. This community space is the place where callers can speak openly.  From spirituality to what's trending in social media, all subjects are welcomed.  Nothing is off limits.  We only ask that callers are respectful to the opinions of other callers and the host.  You can listen live via the internet on our blogtalk radio channel, Enlightenment and Transformation. You can also post questions or comments from the chatroom. If you would like to join the conversation, call in to the KM-Unity Radio show at (347)945-7680 between 1&3PM EST every Tuesday and Thursday.

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