Chief H. Yuya Assaan-ANU

Chief Jegna H. Yuya Assaan-ANU, host of Foundational Fridays

Chief Yuya

Chief H. Yuya Assaan ANU is the founder of the Enlightenment and Transformation Radio Broadcast Network and host of: Thunderground Thursdays; Foundational Fridays, and Chief Speaks, offering you life altering wisdom and practical tools and guidance for self-actualization on a weekly basis.
Chief Yuya is an initiated Priest in the Nigerian Orisha tradition and an advanced student of the IFA priestly order, as well. He has been working with the spirit world through various indigenous native systems for over 20 years as a spiritual counselor and guide. Yuya is also the Chief Priest and temple head of "Anu Nation"; where he has initiated a cadre of students into Orisha tradition as well as his own ANU Spiritual Order and currently teaches indigenous occult and mystery systems, African philosophy and spiritual sciences, and divination to adults as well as children through his school, "The Sadulu House Spiritual Center."
He has taken on the divine call to serve as a Jegna, who is one who guides counsels and protects their community.  H. Yuya Assaan Anu is an invested community pillar always standing at the ready, serving as an agent of transformation for all those in need of change.  Chief Yuya is the author of Grasping the Root of Divine Power Solutions for Dysfunctional Family Relationships,  Shrine & Altar and several other forthcoming titles.

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