Thunderground Thursdays


Live Open Forum Q&A-Thunderground Thursday

Q&A On this live Q&A segment of Thunderground Thursday, Chief Yuya breaks down the concept of wisdom gained through spiritual education and experience.  Preschool, kindergarten, elementary […]

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game of life

Game of Life- Thunderground Thursday

Game of Life The beloved Thunderground Thursdays is one of those shows that you must have your mind right for if you’re going to listen to it. […]

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Credibility vs. Trustworthiness – What’s the Difference

Credibility In the fourth installment of the Leadership series, Chief Yuya covers the concept of credibility and the seemingly acute difference between being credit-worthy and being […]

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to do list

The To Do List

To Do List Having trouble checking off the boxes on that to do list? It’s hard to get things done when you don’t even know where […]

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How To Find a Quality Spiritual Adviser, Scams & More

Scams In this segment of the Thunder ground Thursdays show, Phylecia Anu speaks about How to Find a Quality Spiritual Adviser, Scams and More. Points that […]

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