What Are The Spiritual Gifts?
The Tree of Life

Kabbalah Tree of Life and The Orisha

Kabbalah Tree of Life Can our Orisha be found in the kabbalistic system? In this sessions we’ll be going over the basic tenants of the kabbalah […]

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Astrology Planets

Astrology Planets Meaning – Orisha, Zodiac, and Planets

Astrology Planets Meaning How do the Planets manifest their characters through us? Do the Orisha align with planetary energies? Come join us for another Foundational Friday […]

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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation and other aspects of Channeling

Dream Interpretation How do we make sense of our night visions? Is there a language that our subconscious speaks to us in that is decipherable by the awakened […]

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What is a Dream

Dream Channeling Part 2 – What is a dream? Recalling a dream

What is a Dream? What is a Dream? Do you want to know what happens when you sleep at night? Learn the actual dream process and […]

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Introduction to channeling and mediumship

Channeling and Mediumship Be sure to check out tonight’s show as our Chief Jegna Yuya teaches us about channeling and mediumship! He also provides some excellent […]

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