law of attraction

Orisha Osun; The Law of Attraction and Success in Business

The Law of Attraction Orisha Osun is often associated solely with sexuality, but she represents so much more. In this episode of Master Mind Mondays host, […]

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Fear: How Deep Does Its Effects Go?

Fear Chief Yuya shared his insight on fear in a way that was far too complete to simply “blog” about it. The following are merely chips […]

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Ori and the Soul

Ori and the Soul: What is your life’s purpose?

Analyzing the seats of the Orisha Energies Within “As above, so below.”  This phrase is thrown around often, among “conscious” crowds.  Ifa offers the term “Ori” to explain the exact path from our “Origin” to […]

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Procrastination: Is it a spiritual phenomenon?

Procrastination: Is it a spiritual phenomenon? When I started the Anu Spiritual Training course, I was sure it would be a breeze. I thought I was pretty […]

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Chief Yuya Releases His 3rd Master Mixtape: Arrive Together

Mixtape ANU Nation certainly pulls all of its tricks out of its hat in order to stimulate our senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch will […]

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