Olokun – Subconscious, Ancestors, Inner Demons

Olokun Olokun is the force and power of the unconscious mind. The sleeping giant, if you will. The name, itself, means “Owner of the Ocean”. Olo- […]

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Yemoja- The Great Mother!!

Yemoja This session deals with the Great Mother deities and the purpose for invoking them. In this episode we deal with the energy of the maternal […]

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Eshu – The Gatekeeper and Opener of the Way

Eshu “Baba Esu is “Onibode” (the gatekeeper between Heaven and earth); known by many names such as Tata Eleggua, Exu, Eshu, Elegba,Elegbara, Legba, and Papa Elegba. […]

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The ORI – True aspects of your Soul

The Ori This covers the concepts of The ORI, Ti Bon Ange, and Gros Bon Ange from the Yoruba and Haitian Vodoun pantheons respectively. Techniques are […]

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Spiritual Guidance

Divination Techniques – Advice to future priest/priestess

Divination Techniques – Advice to future priest/priestess In this show I give an expanded insight on how the four cardinal directions interplay with our divination castings. Understanding the positions of […]

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