Love and Spirit featuring H. Yuya Assaan-ANU

Love and Spirit featuring H. Yuya Assaan-ANU

Love and Spirit

African love is very silent, it is the “ka”, which means spirit or breath or the “Amun Ra”, which is the hidden aspect of the most high.  Therefore, if you read African mythology, one does not hear proclamations of love, because African peoples are not so insecure that they have the separation of love energy and themselves, that they need other humans to state or proclaim their love.    Love is connection, when one looks at the idea of love in the Yoruba tradition; there is an archetype by the name of Oshun, which represents the congregation of the universe.  Oshun is the force that pulls all things together and connects them, and on a lower level Oshun is known as the goddess of love.  What this really means from a scientific and energetic prospective is Oshun is the energy that binds things together.  Therefore, Oshun is the dark matter that keeps 97% of creation together, or more conceptually we call love.  Therefore once one understands this concept, the more one will see their life journey path mirrored in this mythology.  The desire to connect is the desire to love and to see how divine intention is expressed through many different things – love is the intention of the divine. So sometimes the intention of the divine says I have to send a tsunami, hurricane, or make sure money appears on the ground for this person, because love exhibits negative and positive polarities and that is love, that is the divine intention – and that divine intention connects one with all.

Each spiritual system throughout the world is supposed to be attached, because then one has the full picture - for example, one can better understand Jesus if they understand HRU, one can better understand HRU if they understand Thor, one can better understand Thor if they better understand Shango or Krishna or Buddha – and they all give the full story.  Everyone has to start connecting the dots and seeing themselves as global citizens and spiritualists. Everything that is on the planet came from the soul – every spiritual system that has a root and core of truth came from the soul. Therefore one should not be afraid of different systems – and those systems should be looked at as one giant menu.  One should pick and choose what they want out of the menu, and not look at it as an act of blasphemy as the Orisha and angels are much younger that anyone’s soul, which means that one has dominion and power over them.  Therefore, whatever systems were created that worship them are systems that self-actualized beings are higher than.  Religions were created in order for people to civilize themselves – therefore self-actualized beings are higher than religion.

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